Making a Two Way Street Light

Some partners and I had to make a two way street light for a class’ final project. 

We had to recreate a two avenue intersection street light. We did it taking care of the details and stetic of the model. 

We used leds, transistors, resistors, Dot Matrix Display, an arduino nano and a bunch of cables for the electronics, and some pvc pipes, plywood, sand paper, car toys and a lot of hot glue for the model.

My partner Francisco did a great job with the details of the model, my 

partner Luís Miguel had a good time making electrical connections and soldering and I made the program code to run the arduino and the design of the circuitry…  I left you some videos of the process

Francisco (right), Luís Miguel (next to Francisto) and me (the guy with the navy blue shirt)


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